Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother Nature

Hello my friends hello
It is nice to see you today
When will we be ready to understand
That we cannot treat her that way

It is imperative that we learn right now
No more waiting for another day
If we give up and do nothing at all
Then we have given our rights away

We need to start treating her right
We need to give her a chance
What can you do for your mother
Consider the ramifications in advance

No other thing is more important
But that you do this now
It is not just an activist's dream
With grace we can take a bow

To treat the earth with due respect
And show her that we really care
Anonymous donations to the landfill
Will not bring her out of despair

She will not listen if we scream
She cannot understand the creeping ills
But she will know that all is not lost
When abundance begins to charm the hills

We walk along and do not listen
We clear the paths and open the doors
And she has begged us not to enter
But no one listens anymore

We each are given all the chances
We take for granted all the perks
It is within our power to make it better
Just stop and listen to Mother Earth

Keep the days in natural lifelines
Don't depend on false belief
Treat her like your life depends on it
And know your quest will bring relief

©Jane April 6, 2007

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Memory of My Granddaughter

Ashley Ellen Walden (Christensen)  3-15-1988 to 5-25-2011

I always thought she’d be there my whole life
That I’d get her crazy daily calls forever
Her loss brings way more than just strife
I’ve lost one very special treasure

She had her quirky moments of misery
But constantly strived to change her thoughts
She was always working to hone her sense of positivity
And made me smile with her list of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’

I remember her at 7 lining up all her clothes
By colour or type – depending upon her mood
She was determined to only do it her way
Because she could see her way was oh so good

When she was still in school, we read together
And she would fall asleep to my speaking voice
Then, when I moved so far away, she’d call me
So I could read to her again – it was her choice

Her sense of humour always made me laugh
She preferred Maxine way more than ‘soppy’ stuff
She always tried to see my side of an issue
And treated me like my opinions were good enough

She loved her Grandpa with amazing strength
And missed him sorely when he was gone
She often spoke of feeling him around her
And now I know she is in his arms

She spoke of a life for Otto and her
A good one filled with memories galore
She knew that they could do this for sure
It was her goal and she did not ask for more

But somehow the Universe had bigger plans
And needed her journey to take a different trail
Even though I don’t pretend to understand
I know the Angels will guide her without fail

I Love you and miss you so much, Ashley

Grandma May 25, 2011  
Ashley passed away today at 1:23 a.m. as a result of a motorcycle accident

Acknowledge Your Angels

Many eons have passed
Countless moons have gone by
But nothing really changes
In that blink of an eye

The world dashes past

We long for respite
Our lives rush through the years
We can’t give up the fight

So let’s pause for a breath

Let’s gaze at the stars
And remember our source
For it will always be ours

Acknowledge your Angels

Call on them each day
Be thankful and grateful
For their help on the way.


Feb 27, 2007

Thank You John

Thank you John                                       

I spent the day dreaming and thinking of you
With lots of jazz playing in the background
It was fun to hear our tunes and more
It was just like having you so close and around

My music was the 50’s and yours was not
And you asked if I liked jazz
I said no emphatically and shook my head
I thought it was like someone having a spazz!

Then a Dave Brubeck record appeared in your hand
And you slipped it on the player
I was lost to the sound and in complete shock
And that was the end of this “nay sayer”

So all our years of Dave and Milt and Wes and
And the countless others that we adore
Are the treasures of our past that bring
Our lives full circle and just wanting more

On days when I miss you so much my heart aches
I turn to those tunes that remind me of you
And I lose myself in my dreams of us for awhile
And it helps me from feeling so blue

I thank you every day, my love, for this introduction
A chance to share your love of jazz and sweet sounds
You heightened the realm of music for me
Giving me special music appreciation without bounds

© Jane   3/16/14   2 am 



Even tho’ the official day is predicted
And the Almanac states the date
We’re left to Mother Nature’s whim
She decides what will be our fate

Air cleansed by frozen winter wind
Now warmed to gather fragrant scents
As the earth thaws and releases energy
Green comes to life to leave its essence

First a whiff of fragrance perfumes the air
Leaving bouquets of sparkle that survived
Then close your eyes and take a deep breath
And know that Spring has finally arrived 

©Jane 2014


I was afraid of dragonflies
I ran when they came near
The other kids would scoff as I cried
And cringed with unspeakable fear

As life and years moved on and on
In its inimitable timely way
I tried to behave like a sensible adult
But those fears just seemed to stay

Then one day completely by chance
I was so amazed to learn
They symbolize freedom and change
That gives life a brand new turn

Their iridescence speaks of power and charm
They are revered throughout the world
Unmasking the vastness of the Universe
Instilling all to live life when it is unfurled
Now I look at dragonflies in a different light
As through the gardens they glide
I’ve laid my yesteryear fears to rest
And show them respect with pride

And although it took some years
There is one thing I cannot deny
The spirit and symbolism pay tribute
To the great dragonfly

©Jane March 2013

The Dictator

I watch the news and shed many tears
As I see the little children’s fears
A tyrant chooses an army and genocide
Saying it’s only to kill intruders from the outside

But every day the people die
Just staying alive is all they try
They hide from bombs and an army gun
And the babies cry and the children run

Atrocities like this should never be
These people’s choice is just to flee
They do not deserve such pain and grief
They stand alone for justice and their belief

The people only want peace and a chance to live
But democracy is not what he chooses to give
They've lost their homes, their loved ones and their life
And there is nowhere to hide from all this strife

The pain and misery this oppressor does serve
Shows he is just a dictator with ferocious nerve
He thinks his power will win this despicable show
But independence fights and freedom does grow

One day his fierce path of murder will finally cease
When freedom comes and brings sweet release
And the world will demand his violent life to forfeit  
For he chose terror over the lives of the innocent

© Jane December 3, 2012

For My Children

For My Children

Each one born under a different sign
Each special and unique
Our family grew with each new face
As we watched our circle of love increase

The very first day our fingers touched and I felt each strong response
I knew that time would never change the thoughts my heart ensconced
I always knew we were intertwined and had a special start
That distance and space could never really keep us all apart

My children, my kids, my dearest friends - you are all of these to me
You’ve always been a source of joy and pride - that everyone can see
And every day you show your love, you strengthen my life’s goal
You are bright lights that blaze and keep me true to my soul

Thank you for being my kids
From one very lucky Mum
Jane  © August. 2012

Kite Flying

Kite Flying

Chasing the wind up over the hill
Back down in the glen it whirls around still
The clouds morphing thru in awesome detail
The constant yank of the strings without fail

Brilliant puffy ships sailing so slowly across the sky
Gentle breezes sweeping over my face with each try
I feel those whispers from the Universe taking place
And I know without doubt that I’m standing in grace

I remember it well -  though it was a long time ago
The kids were so young and impatient to go
Yet I always knew that to run with the wind while flying a kite
Makes peace with the world and everything right

©Jane – July 2012



It seems like only yesterday when you were by my side
Our lives so entwined – love keeping us sublime
I keep thinking that I will walk into a place nearby
And you will be there, like we were suspended in time

I know that won’t happen – not here – not now
It’s just a hint and a reminder of what will be
But on another plane and place in time
We will unite and our journey will set us free

Our souls will embrace before we know it
We are meant to be together – that is a certainty
It truly is amazing that the fates know us
That’s why we got along so perfectly

Oh, there were times when we drove each other crazy
But more times we were locked in loves embrace
It was meant to be from the moment our eyes met
I close my eyes and still see that look upon your face

I remember that day when all events collided
Our paths crossed when fate determined it was time
And we knew we had once again found our soul mates
Just as in the past, our future lives will surely intertwine

Fate brought us together
A union that would never part
We are inextricably united
We knew it from the very start

©Jane        March 2012
(this month was our 50th Anniversary)


Love comes in many guises and is shown in many ways
It keeps our lives together throughout the nights and days
The first time we open our eyes, we open up our heart
And love surrounds our every breath right from the very start
When wandering vision brings us to yearnings we can’t disguise
Then mutual heartbeats begin and we see it in their eyes
All the words and songs and symbols repeat each pulsing thought
Our dreams surround the vision for the love that we have sought
Then the hearts that we are born with continue to expand and grow
Encompassing each and every addition as we move through the life we know
We are so lucky to be born with our hearts truly strong and pure
For we know that with all love, life will always and ever endure

Feb 8. 2012

Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day
My heart is so sad
You’re not with me to share
Sometimes I just feel bad

I collapse in the chair
And just close my eyes
When Mel starts to sing
What a wonderful surprise

You know he’s my favorite
That has always been clear
Then he sang “Love Walked In”
And I knew you were here

Thank you my darling
For reaching out to touch
For just letting me know
Means so very much

Happy Valentine’s my husband
Our love is so sweet
Til our paths cross again
And once more we meet

I Love You

 ©Jane Feb 14.2012


Christmas came to my house early
How lucky can I be
With a cuddly ball of white
A ball of happiness for me

She was born on September 15th
So tiny and just too sweet
With a marvelous disposition and character
I feel like my life is complete

Her Mom’s a Shih Tzu and Dad’s a Chihuahua
And her name I decided would be
Sophie, Queen of Denial
Her Royal Majesty

Her first days were shy and staying very close
Her primary place to curl up and sleep
Was tucked inside my zipped up sweater
Snuggled up close to hear my heart beat

With each passing week she gains
In personality and weight
She knows her name and comes when called
And retrieves a toy - if I throw it straight

Each day brings new things to discover
And she fills my days with pleasure
And as we learn more about each other
We have found a special life to treasure

© Jane
December. 2011


(In memory of my little green and yellow budgie)

For more than 7 years she was a force to be acknowledged
She let the world know she was here
Flying around the house or perching on her play station
Just waiting to shriek “what are you doing” in your ear

Sometimes she just wanted to be cuddled
Sitting in a trancelike state for minutes at a time
Letting me stroke and open up her feathers
Admiring her colours so sublime

Other days she drove me to distraction
With her ear piercing screams and noisy rants
I’d finally cover her cage and tell her to take a break
Then she’d quiet down - waiting for another chance
Shes’d spend time shredding papers and making caves to hide in
Rearranging her cage in a very obsessive way
I would think that she’d escaped her quarters
But when I called she would pop up chattering away

She seemed to have a thing for little bells
Always beating them into some sort of submission
I always thought she was clearing the air
And just getting rid of her aggression

Now she’s gone and things are not the same without her
I sorely miss my noisy little “Itsy Girl” every day
She helped me get through some soul searching moments
And together we held the world at bay

I know the Universe enfolds us in its plans
And my sweet Itsy is most assuredly there
Flying with the freedom she deserves
Because she came to me with trust that we did share

© Jane   December 13, 2011

Dragons at My Door

Dragons at My Door

I dreamed last night of dragons
All standing in a row
They just appeared at my front door
And had no place to go

It brought to mind my childhood dreams
Of Puff and various others
So in they came and relaxed and sang
Of heroes and events and their mothers

They knew me just like I knew them
In those mighty years of yore
And they gave wings to all my dreams
Just like they had before

We talked of times of happiness
And a lonely dreamy day
When imaginations of a child
Would keep the world at bay

They remembered all the little songs
We sang from morn til night
Then we all joined in and pretty soon
We were laughing in pure delight

We dined on dainty sandwiches
Of peanut butter and jam
Then each one curled up to sleep
Just like a little lamb

It truly was so much great fun
It made my spirits soar
I’m so happy that they found me
And now we plan to visit more

© Jane  Aug 12, 2011

Dancing – Showtime

They hopped, they bopped, they pirouetted
With all the shimmers and the shakes
The smiles – the frowns – the getting started
With fancy footwork and special breaks

My heart kept dancing with the music
I watched their faces glowing all the while
They’re so intent with steps rehearsed
And showing pride with each big smile

They practiced all their special routines
And wore their costumes with delight
We were so excited for their debut
And cheered them on throughout the night

Then pride of families young and old
Rang throughout the special hall
And when t’was time for curtseys and bows
The crowd whistled and cheered for them all.

What a glorious pleasure it was to watch them
See their amazing presence and grace
I remember their smiles of satisfaction
And the memories of each one in her place

Now the years have past and they’re all grown
No special times to get a second chance
But I recall those great show time recitals
When all the children did their dance

© Jane July 2011

Summer Heat

Summer heat comes blazing in the door
It licks the flames of nature’s growth and more
It melts the blacktop to a glossy skin
And brings a manic confusion of blistering wind

With acrid burn of once pale skin and squinty eye
I plead for that break to come in the sky
…. for cool winds …
… for cooler water ….
For air to breathe

Ahhhh – I wait with bated breath for signs of fall
For just a wee bit of respite from it all

And then it snows !!!!

© Jane - 2010

My Children

A lifetime of loving
Contentment of the souls
Hearts interacting
Through all the highs and lows

Sweet moments overwhelm me
The first smile - the first step
I close my eyes and see them
Ahhh - they were so adept

They loved a world of freedom
They loved each day of life
We counted the stars in the sky
And held hands without any strife

I long for those days
And know it is gone
And each time that we speak
They each have their own song

The joy that they felt
For each other's schemes
Made them strong in their hearts
As they nurtured their dreams

But time passes on
And paths don't intersect
Each tends to his own
With well placed respect

But when stars light the sky
And sweet memories return
May they each recall sweetness
And to sibling hearts yearn

©Jane 2011

Bluebell (AKA Chang)

Bluebell (AKA Chang)

Chang came into our lives one very special day
Because our neighbours needed a new place for him to stay
They watched him visit our family all the time
Sitting on our steps to enjoy the sunshine
But our youngest called him “Bluebell” right from the start
And watching them play brought smiles to my heart
A gorgeous Siamese who loved to spend his days
Chasing every little squirrel and all the blue jays
He would lay on the sidewalk cheek to cheek with our son
And listen to him talk and sing til he saw that he was done
And then Bluebell would pat the 4 year old gently on the cheek
To remind him that he wanted more and was waiting for him speak
The two would lay there side by side with so much to discuss
And then another song would be accepted without fuss
Our son and Bluebell were pals and spent much time together
And now my heart remembers what we thought would last forever
And tho’ 40 years have come and gone and changes have taken place
We all remember Chang and have those moments to embrace

 © Jane May 15, 2011